Windows Server 2016 – Standard vs Datacenter Roles and Features

With the roles and features in the Standard and Datacenter editions Windows Server 2012 R2 being identical and the only difference between them to do with virtualisation licensing, it was assumed that Windows Server 2016 would follow this pattern.  However, when testing out the new Storage Replica feature with the Technical Preview 3 build, I noticed it was missing from the Standard edition ISO:


I created a VM based on Datacenter and sure enough it was there.  That got me thinking if there are any others missing.  With PowerShell, it shows a difference of 6 items:





Quickly scanning the list, these roles and features are only available with the Datacenter edition:

WS2016_Datacenter_Roles_and_FeaturesOf course this could change as RTM is reached, however keep it in mind when creating templates and deploying servers for these roles.