How to create multiple Virtual Desktops (VDI) at the same time with Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

The functionality, performance and manageability of virtual desktops (VDI) has greatly improved with Windows Server 2012, with a lot of functionality added into Server Manager.  Out of the box, however, when creating new or additional virtual desktops you’ve probably noticed that only one gets created at any one time, which can end up taking a long time, as you can imagine.

If your environment is up to it (primarily storage) you can change this behaviour to create multiple virtual desktops at the same time (virtual desktop concurrency), which is a big relief.  The maximum number to create at any the same time can be specified by you – make sure you set this within the limits of your hardware!

To achieve this, we use the PowerShell command Set-RDVirtualDesktopConcurrency.  The following parameters can be used:

-ConnectionBroker: specify the RD Connection Broker server for this deployment
-ConcurrencyFactor: the number of virtual desktops you want to create simultaneously
-HostServer: the RD Virtualization Hosts you want to set the concurrency on

An example command is as follows:

Set-RDVirtualDesktopConcurrency -ConnectionBroker RDCB.DOMAIN.COM -ConcurrencyFactor 3 -HostServer @(“RDVH-01.DOMAIN.COM”,”RDVH-02.DOMAIN.COM”,”RDVH-03.DOMAIN.COM”)

More information can be found on the Microsoft TechNet Library –